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How Does Drinking Water Help With Weight Loss?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill that allowed us to take those extra pounds off without effort? Unfortunately, there isn’t. Losing weight is something that is difficult because it takes sacrifice and hard work, two things that most of us aren’t fond of. If you are trying to lose weight there are little things that you can do that will make a big difference. Sometimes it is the little things that can make the greatest impact. Although often neglected, drinking water and staying hydrated, is one of the best things you can do to keep on track to obtaining your weight loss goals.

What is it about water that can aid in your weight loss initiatives?

With so many mixed messages about weight loss, and what works and what doesn’t, it can be very overwhelming to know what to do. The truth is that there is no fad diet that works instantly, or for everyone. The best way to lose weight is through following the simple equation of calories in versus calories out. To lose weight you have to eat less and expend more. Water is one of the variables that can sway the equation in your favor.

When you drink more water you have more energy to increase your activity level. One of the biggest way to achieve your weight loss goals is by increasing the amount of activity you get per day. If you are dehydrated, or not well hydrated enough, you will not have the energy needed to get up and go. Often times people underestimate the role that hydration plays in energy levels. It works by increasing your metabolism and feeding cells the oxygen that they need to come alive with energy. It is recommended to drink a minimum of 6 to 8 8 ounce glasses of water a day for good hydration. If you are increasing your activity level, you should likewise increase your water intake.

Water will help you to feel more satiated. One of the hardest parts about losing weight is being hungry. When you drink water you are able to feel more satiated and for it to last longer. Before you sit down to eat a meal, drink two or three glasses of water before you fill your plate. Not only will you unconsciously put less on your plate, you are more likely not to be a member of the clean plate club. Just a couple glasses of water can significantly curb your hunger and make you crave foods less. Making you feel full, it will also decrease the amount of calories you consume. Since it is all about less calories, that can really aid you in reaching your goals.

There are nutrients in water that your body needs to function optimally. If you want to keep your metabolism working strong and burning calories efficiently, water is the key. Before you reach for something to squelch your hunger think about a glass of water, or two, first. You will be amazed at how well it can help you work toward losing those unwanted pounds.

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