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Quality of water for your goldfish

For those who don’t have goldfish, a fish may just be a fish. For those of us who keep fish as pets, they are the first thing in the morning to greet us, and perhaps the only pet that we have that give us love without requiring much in return. If you are going to the pet store thinking that you are doing your fish a favor buying fish tablets to purify their water, you are wrong. Not only do fresh water pills not make your goldfish’s home safe, it may be making them sick, literally. What purifying pills can do, and what they can’t, is just common sense.

What is a fresh water pill?

There is a gimmick for everything, even the water that we put in our fish’s fish bowl. When you go to a pet store, they take great pains to sell you things that you don’t need. Water pills are the latest misnomer that we are being fed as parents of fish. Water pills are supposed to be put into the water of the fish bowl when you change it to remove harmful contaminants, such as chlorine, to ensure the health of your fish. You have to clean a fish bowl and refill it because the old water will soon lose its ability to supply oxygen to your fish and will cause them to get ill and perish. The problem is that sometimes if your tap water is loaded with contaminants such as chlorine, your fish’s fragile system cannot survive the environmental changes. The fresh water pill is supposed to strip the water of everything that can cause your fish sickness.

Common sense would tell you that if it isn’t good for your goldfish it probably isn’t good for you. If you have tap water that is full of contaminants you aren’t going to want to put it in your body any more than you are going to want to feed it to your fish. The good news is that if you have reverse osmosis you need not worry about the quality of the water you are feeding to your goldfish. Reverse osmosis water is completely free of fluoride and chlorine and, therefore, not only safe for your goldfish, but for you and your family as well.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a system that uses high pressure to remove the contaminants from your water. It is a filtration system that is great for the purification of your tap water. Being a system that can be an add-on to any faucet, it can be an upgrade for your drinking water and an investment into your health and home.

The fact remains that if you need a fresh water pill for the quality of the health of your goldfish, you should stop to consider whether the same water that isn’t safe for them, is actually safe for you. If you want to make your fish healthy, and keep your family safe, forget about the water pills and add a reverse osmosis system to your home drinking water.

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