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Terms of Use

The information and recommendations on water intake presented in this website are based on online research, personal experience of content writers, personal research, and other publications on the topic of water metabolism of the body. The content writers on this website and website itself do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use or the discontinuance of any medications as a form of treatment without the advice of an attending physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of this website and its content writers is to offer information on the importance of water to well-being, and to help inform the public of the damaging effects of chronic dehydration to the body—from childhood to old age.

This website is not intended as a replacement for sound medical advice from a physician. On the contrary, sharing of the information contained in this website with the attending physician is highly desirable. Application of the information and recommendations described herein are undertaken at the individual’s own risk. The adoption of the information should be in strict compliance with the instructions given herein.

No website visitor, and especially those with past history of major diseases and under professional supervision, or those with severe renal disease, should make use of the information contained herein without the supervision of their attending physician.

– Website Editors