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Why Water Is Important For The Health Of Your Baby

Many people get so caught up in what babies eat and drink that they negate the importance that drinking water brings to the health of your baby. Water contains nutrients that are essential for life, and for your baby. For the first six months of your baby’s life formula or breast milk has the ability to supply your baby with all they need, but past 6 months, it is your responsibility to ensure they are receiving all that they need. We worry so much about when to introduce new foods that we forget about the simple things like giving babies water to hydrate and nourish them. Our first thought is to introduce them to fruit juices instead of just supplying them with water.

How much water should a baby drink post 6 months?

When your baby passes the six months marker it is time to introduce them to water. You are able to put purified drinking water into their bottle. Just four ounces every 12 hours is all that they really need to make sure that they are hydrated. It is important to give them water before you introduce fruit juices. The mistake that most parents make is that they give them juice before they give water. What you are doing when you give juice first is making it more likely that they will chose juices over water. Conditioning them to go for the sweetness of juice, by passing water is a huge mistake.

When supplementing your baby’s diet with purified water it is important to always give them water after they eat instead of before. You don’t want them to satiate their appetite with water instead of fulfilling their nutritional content with the foods that they need. Water will necessarily fill them up and then they may not substantially eat what they need to grow at an optimal rate.

When your baby is sick it is important to ensure that they are well hydrated. If they are running a temperature they will lose a lot of the moisture through the cooling down the surface of the skin. A temperature will evaporate the fluid reserves that they have which can lead to dehydration. Since young children are more susceptible to dehydration, especially when they are running a temperature, it is crucial to replenish what is being lost. Giving fluids, or water that is infused with electrolytes, is key to making sure that they don’t suffer from dehydration which can be a very serious consequence of fever and illness.

Water is an essential nutrient for your baby’s body to function properly. Proper hydration is essential for their body systems such as the cardiovascular, digestive, and the regulation of temperature. If your baby is suffering from illness it is important to stave off, and to preempt any occurrence of dehydration, which can lead to very severe consequences in the health of your child and most likely will lead to hospitalization. Water is an essential nutrient to wellness of the health of your baby.

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