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What Your Skin Says About Your Hydration Level

If you walk through the airport you can usually pinpoint the region of the country that people are from according to the shape of their skin. Those who live in dry climates are more prone to wrinkles and dryness than those who are from regions that have more humid air. Why is that? The skin needs moisture to maintain its glow and luster. If you are not getting enough hydration in your body, it will most likely show in your skin. If you want to prevent premature aging, it is important to get enough water to your skin to affect the outer layers from the inside out.

Why is water important to the skin?

Water is the thing that we are most made from. Over 50% of the body is composed of water. The skin is one of the places where moisture is held. If you are dehydrated you can see it immediately in the skin. Skin that is devoid of enough moisture will look more aged and wrinkled. If the skin doesn’t have enough water, it will appear more taught and leathery. Hydration is important to stave off the effects of premature aging and to keep your skin’s sheen.

The best ways to make your skin look youthful is to make water a part of your daily routine. It is recommended that you get a minimum of 6 to 8 8 ounce glasses of water per day to stay well hydrated. If you are someone who likes to work out, it is recommended that you get even more. When you perspire you lose a large amount of water though the outer layers of the skin. Although it is highly important to sweat, it is just as important to replenish what is lost.

Why is sweating important?

There are a lot of toxins that are built up in the body. The major way that we expel them is through the surface of the skin. Through perspiration, you are able to rid toxins from your body. Sweating is the greatest way to purify the body. The problem is that if you aren’t replenishing what is being lost, you run the risk of dehydrating your body and causing premature aging of the skin.

Makeup was created to make us look more beautiful. Unfortunately, some of the makeup brands that we use can do more to make us look old, than beautiful. Makeup that we put on the surface of our skin can give our skin the appearance of being older than we are. Sometimes you have to spend more to get the products and manufacturers that foster moisture in your skin instead of dehydrating it. There really is a difference in the quality of the makeup you buy and the way that it makes your skin appear. The way that you skin appears says a lot about the your health overall. For optimal health it is important to always have ample hydration, it allows all of your body systems to work efficiently. Keeping yourself hydrated is important for your outside appearance and the health of your insides.

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