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What Is In The Water Filters You Buy Online?

There has been a lot of discussion over the past decade about how important the purity of the water that we drink is. That has led to a society which is obsessed with the quality of their water, or are they? No where is it more important for the phrase “buyer beware” than when it comes to the things that we use to purify the water we drink. Being so concerned about contaminants in the water that they drink, people are running in droves to buy bottled water and water filters for fancy water systems. What most individuals neglect to consider is that the quality of the filter negates the qualify of the job it does in filtering the water that they drink.

What is in your water filter?

All types of water filters require that you change the filters within the product on a regular basis. The problem is that often times the filters themselves are as expensive, if not more than, the systems that use them. Where there is a demand, there is usually a flood to supply. That is causing many companies to create second rate filters to substitute for the real thing and charge a much less price than the real deal. Many foreign companies, understanding our craze for clean water, are getting in on the action. Ebay and other online marketplaces have become a haven for companies to sell their filter knock offs.

The irony of the water filtration obsession is that most people will pay an arm and a leg for the filtration system that they purchase and then they buy cheap filters online. The concern that the filters that they buy are not up to quality usually does not cross their minds. Countries like China are a huge exporter of these water filters, which should be of concern to people who are buying water filters online. We all remember how much concern they put into the quality of the toys they sent here filled with lead, or the dog food filled with cyanide, yet we are still standing in line to get our cheap filters. There is no way to ensure that the water filters that they are exporting likewise, are not contaminating the water filtration systems that you use with the very things they are supposed to be filtering out. At worse, they may be introducing new contaminants.

So what is the answer?

If you are going to go through the expense of buying water filtration systems to purify your water you should go through the extra step and expense to purchase filters that are safe to use. If you don’t guarantee that the filters you use can pass the strict standards of those which are made in the USA, there is no way to ensure that you aren’t getting more in your drinking water than you bargain for. On the internet, a bargain is not always a bargain, especially not at the expense of your, or your family’s health. When possible, stick to the manufacturers recommended filters, or buy only those made in the USA.

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