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There Is A Reason The Body Has The Sensation Of Thirst

That old saying too much of a good thing can’t possibly pertain to drinking too much pure and delicious water, or can it? It is absolutely true that drinking too much water is not only not good for your health, it can in some cases be lethal. How can a tall drink of water be something that can hurt you? ...

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Do We Really Need So Much Water Or Is It All Hype?

If you are tired of receiving mixed signals about what we should eat, what we shouldn’t, what we should drink, what we shouldn’t, how much we should drink, etc., you are not alone. Most of us have become exhausted listening to expert opinion about what is, and what is not good for us. We all hop on the band wagon ...

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Is Your Water A Pain In The Neck…Literally?

Many of us complain that the lengths that we go to in order to get fresh water are a pain in the neck, but is there really a connection between back and neck pain and the water your drink? The answer is yes, water can effect pain in your vertebrae but not in the way that you think. If you ...

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What Are The Health Benefits To Drinking Lemon Water?

The notion that hydration is important for optimal health and body functioning is clear and scientifically proven. What happens when you infuse it with lemon? Are there additional benefits that are not only good for your health, but essential? There are many things that lemons provide the body with, but what happens when it is mixed and consumed with water? ...

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All The Reasons Your Brain Needs Water

The human body truly is a miraculous thing. It was created to work in perfect balance when supplied all the essential things that are needed. The brain is something that we often take for granted. We feed out hunger and satiate our thirst, but not much attention is paid to what our brains asks of us. There are many things ...

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