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3 Top Destinations For Those Who Want To Drink From The Springs Of Splendor

The thing that makes vacation good for the body and soul is the rejuvenation that it supplies to tired bodies and spirits. If you are setting a course to relax, find adventure, or to just reap the health benefits supplied by the natural abundance of living water, there are three vacation spots

that shouldn’t be missed. Not only are they famous for the purist mineral spirits that are said to

heal a tired body, they provide the vacationer with adventure, renewal, or recharging. These are

the best getaways for individuals, couples, or whole families on the search for the perfect break

from the everyday.

What makes water so essential to the human body is the minerals that it contains. The

problem with the water that we drink daily is that it has been touched by the human imprint,

modernization and contamination. The spots below are the best places to go in search of waters

and lands untouched by the destructive hands of modern civilization.

Banff Upper Hot Springs Banff National Bark, Canada

Not only does this vacation spot boast the most awe-inspiring, breath-taking scenery of any

place on earth, it also contains hot springs which have for centuries been known for their

healing properties. First discovered back in the late 1880s, the hot springs of the Sulphur

Mountain base has been environmentally protected with care.

If you are in search of the purist drinking water with the highest mineral content to soak in, or

to drink up, this destination is located at 5,200 feet above sea level. The thing that sets this

spring apart from others is that it has the highest concentration of minerals such as bicarbonate,

sodium, magnesium, sulfate and calcium of any living water on Earth. The springs that flow

with abundance will not only relax those tired, aching, overworked bones, they will work to

rejuvenate and stimulate skin growth making you look like you lost years in your travels. Hotter

than even the Rocky Mountain range, the spring’s water reaches those who partake at 104


Drinking this water will do wonders on your body from the inside out, as will soaking in the

bathhouse that was created for weary travelers. The Banff Upper Hot Springs has a large pool

to dive in which is fed directly through the flows of the springs adjacent to it.

Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan

If you are looking for the exotic paradise that will give you an experience unparalleled by none,

the Ma’In Hot Springs is the ideal destination. The healing powers afforded by these hot springs

are of biblical nature. King Herod himself traveled far distances to bathe in the springs of this

land for medical treatment. It is a place that has been sought out by Kings, Queens and Royalty

from worldwide. The waterfalls are something that make you believe in a creator who wanted to

show his power, picturesque with with nothing else like it on Earth.

As the water makes its way from the rainfall on the countryside to the highland plains of Jordan,

it is heated to temperatures of 140-145 degrees. Along the way it is infused with the richest

minerals in the world. Hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, potassium and calcium are in abundance,

giving you benefit from taking a sip or standing under the waterfall to let the healing compounds

heal the body through absorption.

The springs are located near the Dead Sea with public bathing areas at the basin of the great

and fantastical waterfalls. Not only something that will heal the body, it is something so amazing

it can fill the spirit as well.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Mexico is not only known for its vast miles of beachfront, it also is home to hundreds of naturally

occurring mineral fresh springs. The Aztecs knew of the secrets held of the hot springs,

understanding the healing properties that they afforded. Whether you want to just peruse the

land and see the beauty and miraculous nature of the fresh water springs, or soak your body in

the hot springs resort, water is something that is not hard to find. The purist, and most mineral-
rich water found on Earth, there is no shortage of ways to rehydrate, relax and rejuvenate.

Boasting as being one of the best springs to bathe and swim in, it is high in alkaline, fresh water

and sulfur for the entire body. The age-reversing fresh water is legendary as is the therapeutic

and healing nature of just diving in to renew your spirit.

Open to the public, you can trek the countryside, pack a picnic lunch, and drink off the fat of the


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