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About This Website and Drinking Water Journal

There is a reason why water is the symbol of life. Not only is it the basis for which life stems, it contains the minerals which are cornerstone to all living and breathing organisms on Earth. Not many things are essential for life, which is what makes it so extraordinary. Whether you are water enthusiast because you like the thrill of the hunt, and being in search of the most pure and life-affirming springs that nature provides, or you just enjoy the waves that rush upon shore with so much power and intensity, the importance of water in our lives cannot be underestimated.

Water is an essential compound for good health and longevity. That is why the purity of it is so important to our health. Containing minerals which are crucial for the functionality of the body, without them, optimal health cannot exist. Many within the medical and scientific field understand the necessity that water plays, as well as the effect that it has, on our lives and our livelihood. Being at the cornerstone of disease and illness, or lack there of, it should be that every individual on Earth has the right to be delivered, and to enjoy, the purist water found in nature. If we are going to cure many health conditions, the place to start is with the water that we consume on a daily basis.

Water aids in the prevention of:

• Heart disease and stroke – water is essential for the regulation of blood pressure and to prevent the build up of arteries in both the brain and heart
• Infection – the minerals contained in water help to combat cancer and infections, and to boost the functioning of the immune system
• Depression – water works to replenish serotonin, a natural neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation
• Sleep irregularities – water is essential for the production of melatonin, a sleep regulator
• Energy – water works by generating energy at the cellular level, that provides the individual with energy to sustain life
• Addiction – water can satiate the urges for some addictive substances such as alcohol, caffeine, and some other drugs
• Osteoporosis – water is essential for bone strength and formation
• Lymphoma and Leukemia – water helps to regulate blood-manufacturing functions within the body to prevent many forms of cancer cell growth
• Attention deficit disorder – water helps to increase focus and attention

The information that is compiled on this website will give you the keys to unlock the secrets of how essential water is for life. It is filled with information about filtration options, systems and reviews of products in the water industry. For those in search of adventure, we outline some of the best water-based destinations and review places that are known for their sources of water giving attractions. For those who are concerned about the purity of the water they drink, there are reviews about bottled and drinking water, with information about mineral content and contamination. The advertisers located on the site are there to provide you with the best products and educational information to aid you in making the best consumer choices. In the end, this is just a guide for you, the decisions that you make regarding the water that you consume, are ones that only you can decide. Choose wisely, your life just may depend on it.